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Surrey Mini Bluegrass Festival

Surrey Mini Bluegrass Festival

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Surrey Mini Bluegrass Festival

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Surrey Mini Bluegrass Festival is a small non-profit-making festival. It is run more like a party for a bit of fun, for people who are not away on holiday over the first weekend of August. It first started in 2001.The intention is for it always to remain a small friendly non-profit festival where people can enjoy bluegrass music. It is a place to relax, meet new people, or meet up with old friends and listen to the music in a lovely location. The aim of the Festival is to introduce bluegrass music to the Surrey area. We have many new people coming each year, it is a very popular local event.

The ticket price of 13 per day, or 20 for the full weekend, extra 5 for workshops and 6 for under 16 is a donation to cover costs and to keep the festival going. Please note that only band members are entitled to free tickets and there are no guest tickets.

Food, tea, coffee and soft drinks are available on site.

Surrey Mini Bluegrass festival is held in the picturesque village of Mickleham in the village hall which was built in 1901. There are plenty of local places to visit, so people can come and go all weekend as they please.

We have two concerts to a high standard in the main part of the hall, with bands playing round one mic.  As courtesy to the bands and the people who want to listen to the music, we ask people not talk or walk around during the concerts. Please arrive half an hour before concerts.

There is picking going on all weekend at the festival in the garden outside at the back of the hall. We will have an extra pickers marquee if it rains.

Workshops are held on Sunday between the hours of 12.30pm. & 2.30pm. Please arrive half and hour before workshops.

The festival has a raffle on the Saturday and Sunday which is really good fun and with many prizes. Please contribute to this if you can, because it helps to keep the festival going and to keep the ticket prices low.

We always allow spaces in the concert in case a surprise guest should turn up, on many occasions we have had talented performers turn up out of the blue and want to do a guest spot on the show or put a scratch band together.

Accommodation is available in the local area and people often stay at the same place year after year. Please make your own arrangements.

Camping is available in the local area within 30 minutes drive. Please note that there is no camping on site, or campsites within walking distance of the hall. People return to the same campsites, staying a few days to have a holiday, visit local attractions, as well as attending the festival. Please make your own arrangements.

Special thanks to everyone who has made this such a great event through the years!


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